Choosing Summer Suits That Adjust With You

When the temperature rises, choose suits that adjust with you. Lighter fabrics like linen, cotton and seersucker breathe well to keep you cool and dry.

While wool may seem counterintuitive for summer, lightweight wools like fresco or tropical are purposefully designed to be breathable and suitable for hot weather.

While wool and cotton suit fabrics have traditionally ruled the roost, linen has become an indispensible summer staple. Lightweight and breathable, the natural fibres of flax allow air to pass easily through the fabric to help you keep your cool.

Though more casual than a traditional wool suit, a sharply tailored linen suit can be worn for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re attending a wedding, brunch, day party or cruising the yacht at an evening yacht party, a light-brown linen suit with peak lapels will speak to your insouciance and sophistication without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Wear a lightweight linen suit with a striped tee shirt and dress shoes to play off of its natural, relaxed look. Or, go for a more formal option with a dark-hued linen suit. For example, Jay’s sand linen blazer and navy trousers paired with a white cuan linen shirt and grey floral silk tie would play well at a semi-formal or dressy-casual wedding.

A lightweight wool suit will wick moisture away from the body, keep you cool in hot temperatures, and protect your skin from UV rays. It’s breathable due to the natural crimping of the fibers and can be worn with a light shirt and patterned tie for an elegant, timeless look.

The material can be uncomfortably warm if it’s fully lined with non-breathable man-made fabrics, so choose a suit with half-lining or no lining at all. Add bold, big-time accessories like a chunky watch or a tangle of bracelets to complement the look and elevate your style.

Black is ideal for a formal summer function, beach wedding or dressy casual gathering. Navy is perfect for professional events and meetings in the tropics. Grey offers a more versatile look, and khaki can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. Chambray, also known as cambric, is a lighter cotton fabric that’s similar to denim but has a crisper look and feel.

Cotton is a staple fabric in men’s wardrobes, especially for warm weather. It’s typically lighter than wool and more breathable, but it also offers comfort. It can be brushed to create a rich, soft surface (think moleskin), or used in blends with other fabrics for density and added strength (like corduroy).

Cotton twill is ideal for summer suits, as it’s both lightweight and breathable. Its smooth texture and luster make it an excellent option for a suit jacket or half-canvassed coat, as well as pants. It’s often combined with other fabrics to create a unique look, such as seersucker and cotton poplin.

While cotton twill suits are versatile, consider going with a heavier weight cotton in the winter and a lighter one in spring and summer. For example, this peanut khaki cotton from insider favorite The Anthology has all the casual Florentine touches and handmade details for which the brand is known, but it’s the perfect fit for a cool fall or spring day.

For those looking to add a touch of quintessential Southern flair to their warm-weather wardrobe, the seersucker suit is an excellent option. The fabric’s puckered texture creates a rumpled look that is classic, laid-back, and evokes a sense of nostalgia. Seersucker suits are also known for their breathable quality, which allows air to flow through the garment and minimizes its contact with the skin. This ensures that the wearer stays cool and comfortable throughout their day.

Despite their classic style, seersucker suits can be made to feel modern and sophisticated. Crisp white shirts with modern collar styles, well-tailored dark blazers, and mixing in additional fabrics all help to achieve a sleek and contemporary look.

If you’re looking for an exceptional fit, Oliver Wicks offers a tailored seersucker suit with peak lapels that telegraphs style and confidence. A blue striped seersucker men’s sport coat, for example, would be perfect with a white dress shirt and dark blue tie.

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