How to Make Paper Quilling Jewellery

Paper quilling is a fun, trendy and decorative art that can be used to create stylish and unique jewellery. It’s easy to learn, inexpensive and perfect for anyone looking for a new hobby or skill. In her newest book, Ann Martin guides readers through creating twenty eye-catching designs made with scrolls and coils. Using her tips and tricks, anyone can get started with this ages-old craft. Necklace Quilling is a very simple yet elegant way of making jewelry. You can create beautiful flowers from paper and make a lovely necklace with it. It will look very beautiful with any attire. Moreover, it is very easy to make and will not cost much. It will also be a great gift for any occasion. You will need a few supplies to get started with this project. First, you will need some paper and a quilling tool with a slotted end. There are several choices of quilling tools on the market, including a few with decorative edges. The other choice is to buy pre-cut quilling strips that have a plain edge. You can also use regular scissors to cut the strips if you prefer. Bangles A pair of bangles made from paper quilling is a great accessory to complement any outfit. You can make these using different shapes, colours and even add some golden beads to give it an extra touch. To begin with, roll out some colourful strips of quilling paper into various shapes. Keeping your design in mind, stick these together with craft glue and apply clear varnish to strengthen them. Once this is done, take a slotted quilling tool and insert the end of one paper strip into it. Then, turn the tool to wind the paper around it. Continue this process until you have the desired shape. Once you are done, attach the ends together and your beautiful bangle is ready to go. You can use the same technique to make earrings too! These are simple and fun to make. You can also use them as gifts for special occasions! A jewellery designing course will teach you new tricks and techniques that help you come up with creative designs. Earrings Unlike ornate gold jhumkas that can cause rashes on some sensitive skin, these beautiful paper quilling earrings are made with hypoallergenic hooks. These can be worn on regular occasions and will match any outfit. This DIY project is very easy and inexpensive. You only need a few supplies like quilling strips, glue and jump rings to make a pair of these stunning paper quilled earrings. Start by collecting a handful of primary colored quilling strips. Using the paper cutter, cut them into equal lengths (with the guidance line). Now take one strip and roll it onto the quilling tool to create a coil. Repeat the same process for the rest of the strips. Once the coils are ready, apply glue sparingly on the edges of each one. Leave it to dry for a while until it feels completely hard and secure. Once the glue is dry, use jewellery pliers to add an open jump ring and an earring hook to each of them. Jewellery Set A colourful jewellery set can be made using quilling paper. This can include a necklace, mangteeka and earrings. These are simple and fun to make. You can even add wooden beads or pipes to give it a unique look. Moreover, these are light and comfortable to wear. It is easy to create a bracelet from quilling paper, all you have to do is roll out the paper in different shapes and glue them together. After the bracelet is complete, you can apply a clear varnish to strengthen it. You can use different types of paper for your quilling project, but it is best to choose acid-free paper. This will ensure that your finished product lasts longer and does not discolour over time. You can also use graduated papers, which have a solid color that fades to a lighter shade. This will give your jewelry a more luxurious finish. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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