How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

Are you struggling to tame a cat in Minecraft? Look no further! This article will guide you through the process, step-by-step, so you can successfully bond with your new feline friend.

You’ll learn the basics of finding and approaching wild cats, as well as gathering the necessary resources for taming.

With our tips and tricks, you’ll become a cat whisperer in no time. Get ready to embark on this exciting journey in the virtual world of Minecraft!

The Basics of Taming Cats in Minecraft

To tame a cat in Minecraft, you’ll need to start by finding an ocelot in the jungle biome. Ocelots are small, wild cats that roam the jungle and can be quite elusive.

Once you’ve spotted an ocelot, approach it slowly, avoiding sudden movements that might scare it away. Hold out a raw fish in your hand and crouch down to get its attention. Toss the fish towards the ocelot, but make sure not to throw it too far or it might run off.

Repeat this process until the ocelot starts to approach you and eat the fish from your hand. Keep offering it more fish until hearts appear above its head, indicating that it’s tamed.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully tamed a cat in Minecraft!

Finding and Approaching Wild Cats

Approaching a wild feline in the game can be done by slowly crouching towards it.

When you spot a wild cat, make sure you approach it cautiously. Cats are skittish creatures and sudden movements may scare them away.

As you get closer, remember to keep crouching to avoid alarming the cat. Slowly inch your way towards it, but be patient. It may take some time for the cat to get comfortable with your presence.

Avoid making any sudden noises or gestures that could startle the cat.

Once you are close enough, you can try offering some raw fish to gain its trust. Remember, building a bond with a wild cat requires patience and gentle actions.

Gathering the Necessary Resources for Taming

When gathering the necessary resources for taming, you’ll need to collect items like raw fish and a lead.

Raw fish can be obtained by fishing in any body of water using a fishing rod. Make sure to have a few fish in your inventory as cats are attracted to their smell.

Next, you’ll need a lead, which can be crafted using four strings and a slimeball. Strings can be obtained by killing spiders or by finding them in dungeons and mineshafts. Slimeballs can be acquired by defeating slimes in swamps or slime chunks.

Once you have the raw fish and lead, you’re all set to tame that adorable feline companion. Good luck on your journey to becoming a cat owner in Minecraft!

The Taming Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Once you’ve gathered the necessary resources, it’s time to start the step-by-step process of taming your feline companion.

Firstly, approach the cat slowly and cautiously, avoiding sudden movements that might startle it.

Hold out a raw fish or a raw salmon in your hand, enticing the cat to come closer.

When the cat is near, right-click on it to feed it the fish. Be patient, as it may take a few tries for the cat to trust you and eat the fish.

Once the cat has consumed the fish, hearts will appear above its head, signaling that it has been tamed.

Now, you can give it a name by right-clicking on it with a name tag.

Congratulations! You have successfully tamed your feline companion.

Tips and Tricks for Successfully Taming Cats

To successfully bond with your new feline companion, it’s essential to create a calm and comfortable environment. Cats are sensitive creatures, and they thrive in peaceful surroundings.

Start by finding a quiet corner in your home where your cat can have some privacy. Provide a cozy bed or blanket for them to curl up on, and make sure they have access to fresh water and a litter box nearby.

Keep the noise level down and avoid sudden movements that may startle your cat. Spend time sitting or lying near your cat, allowing them to approach you at their own pace. Offer gentle petting and soothing words to help build trust.

Bonding With Your Newly Tamed Cat in Minecraft

Creating a cozy space with a soft bed and a nearby water source helps your newly tamed feline friend feel comfortable and safe in the game.

After all, just like real cats, they need a place to relax and recharge. Make sure to place the bed in a quiet corner away from any potential disturbances.

Cats also love to have their own water source nearby, so consider placing a water bowl or even a small pond close to their sleeping area. This not only provides them with easy access to hydration but also gives them a sense of security.

By creating this cozy and inviting space, you are fostering a strong bond with your newly tamed cat and ensuring its happiness and well-being in the game.


In conclusion, taming a cat in Minecraft is a rewarding experience that requires patience and preparation. By following the step-by-step guide and gathering the necessary resources, you can successfully tame a wild cat and form a bond with it.

Remember to approach the cats cautiously and use raw fish to gain their trust.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your newly tamed cat and explore the vast world of Minecraft together.

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